New Music…The Journey

I’m always interested in finding and listening to new bands but lately my journey hasn’t been successful, I find new bands today, to put it bluntly, shit. There is no substance to new music, there’s no relying on the most powerful instrument,  the voice. There’s no band playing instruments,  and what I mean by that is, there is no texture,  no sitting back and taking the sounds in. That complex sound that different instruments make when played separately or together.  Gone are the days when bands would play 10-15 minute songs, if not longer. Gone are the days you can put an album on and get lost in the complexity,  the texture,  the instruments. Gone are the days when you can close your eyes,  and open then up again after a song is finished and say, wow, how fucking amazing is was that.  I know rely on the classic bands of yesterday for that journey,  bands like, Pink Floyd,  early Genesis, early Rush, Triumph,  CSN, EL&P, The Moody Blues etc. Even some of the Metal bands took you on a journey,  like Rainbow,  Black Sabbath, Judas Priest etc. 

There is no instrument structure anymore.  For example,  Billie Eilish, I don’t see any talent there whatsoever, yet she has her fans and her awards. She has a vocal resemblance to Amy Winehouse, who had talent I might add, I might not have been a big fan of hers, but he had my respect as an artist. Shame her demons were too much for her and she was taken way too young. Anyway, I am only using Billie Eilish as and example here, but if you listen to the new James Bond theme, No Time to Die, it sounds cold and out of place so to speak. The orchestra sounds amazing, but Billie’s voice sounds out of place like it was overdubbed over the music. There was heart and substance in the orchestra, but no heart and substance in the vocals. Shame as it has the sound of the James Bond themes of the 60s and 70s. I personally think it would have been better off as an orchestral instrumental.

I haven’t heard any new bands that have impressed me. It’s been new releases of bands and artists that have been around for a while. The new Nightwish album, Epica, Kansas, Blue Oyster Cult came back this year and showed these new artists how it is done. Steve Hackett released a fantastic album last year and released an instrumental album this year, both fantastic albums.

So, I have been listening to indie bands trying to find some resemblance of music. There is a lot of hidden talent out there somewhere. Which leads me to this band, Lucius. Apparently they have been together for 11 years now. I didn’t know anything about them until recently when I watched the Roger Waters Lockdown sessions. Which if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it. You can find it on YouTube. He performs 5 songs, Bravery of Being out of Range, Mother, Vera, The Gunners Dream and Two Suns in a Sunset.

Apparently the the two girls from Lucius even toured with him on his, US and Them tour, which I never paid attention too. (Until now). The harmony in their vocal is amazing. Two different voices coming together to form one beautiful voice. I was blown away. I have been catching up on them this week and I have found some excitement in finding new music to listen to.

There are bands/ artists out there with good voices and talent. A new journey begins. Soundcloud is a big help in find indie talent. On my channel there, I have various different playlists focusing on good indie talent. There is a renewed interest now in me to find new exciting bands that haven’t been picked up and swayed by big record labels that don’t have artists best intrests at heart. All they care about is the next big hit or artists. They are the reason there is no structure anymore. Corporate greed has taken over. There is no thought or love for “music”.

The listener that still enjoy structure and soul in music keep the dream alive. We are the ones that crave music to take us away, to give us chills and goosebumps, we are the lucky ones to feel that and crave it. Those bands/ artists are out there. By luck we will find them.

The journey continues….

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