Us and Them. A Tail of enduring music.

As the title of this blog suggests, I had just recently finally sat down and watched, the Roger Waters tour, US and Them. The link to the show posted on my YouTube playlist is linked right here: 👇

I had put off seeing the show that was recorded back in 2019, not because of lack of interest, but because I had too much going on at the time with work and family at the time. I had always planned on returning to the concert but as time usually goes, I had forgotten about it when other things in life pop up.

To say that I’m a Pink Floyd fan, would be an understatement. I’m lucky enough to have seen them live three separate times. Pulse, Delete Sound of Thunder and The Wall back when it was the original lineup of Waters, Gilmore, Mason and Wright. What a show that was! Not to say that the other two concerts weren’t good, they were excellent, but too see the original members together was something magical. Unfortunately, I’d never get to see them play all together after that. What a shame. But more about that later.

I never had the opportunity and experience to take in a Roger Waters show, which is a huge shame because I don’t think I will ever have that experience. But, never say never right? Right!?

What finally reminded me to watch this show, 3 years later? Well, if you read my previous blog, you would remember me talking about a band called Lucius. Holly and Jess, the two founding members and lead singers of the band joined Roger on this tour. I had just recently discovered them after watching a Roger Waters Lockdown sessions video. Link here: 👇

I then started going back into their catalog of music, which finally brought me to the US and Them tour. Not only did Roger Waters sound fantastic both both girls did a fantastic job a background vocals. Link to a performance here:

As I watched the show, I found myself getting emotionally nostalgic. I was lost in the music and the performances. It made me miss those days back in 81. When the concert was over, all I could think about was a final reunion show that might ever come. All members are pushing 80 now. One would think that age and the passing of time, some reconciliation between Waters and David Gilmore would happen. It still might, never say never, right? But, I’m not hopeful. Besides, it wouldn’t be a full band reunion because Richard Wright passed away in 2008.

I speak of a reunion, I’m not talking about the one off reunion they did at the live 8 concert in 2005, which was broadcast on Canada day here, and I left celebrations with friends to watch the 3 song performance. I’m talking about a tour. ( A man can dream right?) Both Waters and Gilmore have said that this would never happen. So, Both men continue to keep the Pink Floyd legacy alive separately.

Going back to that Roger Waters show, what I found emotional, was that there was a wide range of ages in the audience coming together for one common goal, music. To see these young kids and adults singing together and enjoying the music was a sight to see, and a testament to the legacy of Pink Floyd, and Roger Waters. Too see them tear up at a song made me feel emotionally proud, and even made me tear up.

Even Roger himself teared up at the end when he addressed the audience. What a proud moment as a fan, as a viewer. I can only imagine the feeling Roger had at that moment. At his age, 74, at that time, could this be his final concert? Let’s hope not. Time will tell.

I know there are a lot of people who aren’t fans of Roger Waters because of his personal stance and political views, but if you put all that aside, you have a music legend. A man who has written and performed for over 50 years. A true music revolutionist. I myself, in my younger years, found it distracting from the music, but as I got older, came to realize and understand what he was saying. Lately, now as I am in my 50s, agreeing with some of the things he is saying, especially about the message being said during the show.

Fuck the system. Fuck these government types who feel they have our best interests in mind. The only people that have our best interests at heart, is ourselves. But more on that later on in a different blog. What I’m saying here, is that, people’s political beliefs have no bearing on the good music they play. Providing your a fan of that particular music.

Anyway, I highly recommend you watch the US and Them tour. Whether your a newbie or a Pink Floyd/ Roger Water aficionado, the music, performances and visual presentation is amazing.

See you all on the next one. Rock on….

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